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Der Salmen

Democracy - Experience - Remembrance
History and tradition
Banquet hall. Synagogue. Electric store. Place of the history of democracy. Cultural monument of national importance. The Salmen has an eventful history that makes the building unique in Offenburg's city center. Since May 2022, Der Salmen has been open to all visitors as a modern museum after a renovation phase. 200 years of democratic history as well as current democratic events can be experienced in the Salmen through multimedia. What does democracy mean? What kind of society do we live in? And what does being free actually mean? These and similar questions are raised in the interactive exhibition, which not only conveys the past, but also invites visitors to engage with current social events.


Originally built as an ostrich tavern, later extended as an event hall, the Salmen became famous far beyond the borders of Offenburg almost 200 years ago: On September 12, 1847, the "Determined Friends of the Constitution" around the later revolutionaries Gustav Struve and Friedrich Hecker proclaimed the "13 Demands of the People" - the first basic rights catalog in the German language - in the packed Salmen Hall. Later, the Jewish community of Offenburg bought the building and used it as a synagogue from 1875 - until the local National Socialists devastated and destroyed the prayer hall in the early morning of November 10, 1938. Thus, the Salmen represents two completely opposite poles of recent German history: the dawn of democracy and freedom, but also their total destruction in the 20th century.

Back in municipal ownership since 1997, Der Salmen has been a monument of national importance since 2002. Since 2022 it has been a modern place of experience and remembrance and at the same time the seat of Offenburg's municipal council.


Permanent exhibition: Our interactive permanent exhibition conveys the history of the Salmen in two exhibition rooms and places it in the context of our present. Why are the ideas of almost 200 years ago still explosive today? And why do democratic values need to be defended today as they were then?

270° film: Immerse yourself in the history of the Salmen - directly on the scene. Our 270° film lets you become part of what has happened in the Salmen over the past 200 years. The projection in the historic hall surrounds you all around - leave the present behind and come with us on a 25-minute journey through time!

App tour: Would you like to deepen your knowledge of the history of the Salmen, get to the bottom of individual questions in the exhibition or explore Offenburg's city center in the footsteps of history? The Salmen app will accompany you!

Temporary exhibitions: In the glassed-in front building of the Salmen, there are changing exhibitions on current issues concerning democracy and human rights.

For groups and school classes: We offer different types of courses and guided tours for groups. Simply contact us by mail or telephone.
Der Salmen
Der Salmen
Der Salmen
Opening hours
Open all year
Tuesday: 14:00-20:00
Thursday - Friday: 14:00-20:00
Saturday - Sunday: 11:00-17:00
Einlasszeiten in den historischen Saal und die Dauerausstellung richten sich nach den Spielzeiten des 270°-Films. Diese beginnt ab 30 Minuten nach Öffnung jeweils stündlich zur halben Stunde. Das Foyer und die Sonderausstellung können unabhängig davon besichtigt werden.

Für Schulklassen reserviert: Dienstag, Donnerstag, Freitag 9-14 Uhr
Der Salmen
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