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Exclusive offers

The association Museums-PASS-Musées regularly offers exclusive events to their pass holders: prize competitions, free evenings at the heart of the member sites, cultural excursions in our regions as well as more remote trips.

Registrations can be done online by clicking on the link available on each event page. The registration opening date and time can also be found there.

Disclaimer: Only clients with a user account can register for the free exclusive evenings. Due to the popularity of such events, we recommend that you register early enough.

Exclusive offers

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Reisen Sie mit uns ins Baltikum

Booked out. Many thanks for your interest!
Genau wie Charles Perraults schönes Dornröschen sind auch die baltischen Hauptstädte Vilnius (Wilna), Riga und Tallinn in einen jahrhundertelangen, magischen Schlaf gefallen, aus dem sie erst im Jahr 1991 wieder erwachten, auf wundersame Weise unberührt vom [...]


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