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Exclusive offers

The Museums-PASS-Musées association regularly offers exclusive events. Due to the current Corona restrictions, we are currently organising digital competitions and digital online events in collaboration with our member museums. More information about the online events can be found here.

We are currently not running the free evening events in our member houses, the cultural day trips in the Museums-PASS-Musées area and the cultural trips to other countries. The resumption of these activities is planned as soon as it is possible to carry them out while ensuring the health safety of all participants.

We will communicate the resumption of the physical events via our newsletter. Registrations can then be made again through the link on the respective event page. The start date and time will also be displayed on these pages.

Note: Only passport holders with a valid Museums-PASS-Musées and an online profile can register for our events. As these events are very popular, we recommend that you register early.

Exclusive offers


Birsigstrasse 2
CH-4054 Basel
T (CH) : 061 205 00 40
T (DE) : 07621 161 36 34
T (FR) : 03 89 33 96 29

Opening hours: 

MON-FRI: 10-12 a.m.

MON, THU, FR: 2-5 p.m.
TUE: 3-5 p.m.