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The association


The Association of Museums-PASS-Musées (formerly the Upper Rhine Museums-Pass) was founded on December 14th, 1998. The project is based on an idea that was outlined by the team for cultural affairs at the Upper Rhine Conference in Basel. The official introduction of the Museums-PASS-Musées took place on July 1st, 1999. It is the first trinational museum pass within Europe.


All association bodies are either from Germany, France or Switzerland. With this, it is easy to guarantee our trinational approach due to the fact that the Board is responsible for all financial and organisational matters regarding our Museum-PASS-Musées. While our Basel located team takes care of the implementation, an experts committee advises the Board and our team on all museum related questions.


From the very beginning onwards we had more than 120 participating museums as members of the Upper Rhine Museum Pass. With this, we easily exceeded our former aim to win over at least 30 major and 30 minor museums. Today we are proud to announce that more than 350 sites in three countries are members of our association.


The Museums-PASS-Musées is financially independent. Short after ist creation, it was financed by the German federal states Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, the Swiss cantons Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Aargau as well as the French government, the region Alsace and the European Union (Interreg II, Oberrhein Mitte-Süd and Pamina). The association has been financially independent since 2004 and we were able to sell over 50‘000 passport memberships in 2017. In accordance with our statutes, we redistribute the earnings between the member museums.


Reglement from 01.01.2018

Statutes from 01.07.2016

Annual report 2022 (PDF)

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