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All Cleared Out – the Jewellery Museum Extends an Invitation

The Votes Are Being Cast – Visitors Curating an Exhibition | Hand-picked – by Sam Tho Duong | The Secret of Luxury – the Wellendorff Manufactory and the Art of Jewellery-Making
Ausgeräumte Vitrinen im Schmuckmuseum – Besucher sind eingeladen zu kuratieren, © SMP, Foto B. Friese
Concurrent with Ornamenta 2024 in Pforzheim and the Northern Black Forest, the Jewellery Museum will be staging three parallel exhibitions

under the motto of »all cleared out«: one put together by visitors, another featuring individual artistic positions, and a third presenting haute joaillerie creations.
In the Historical Collection room, visitor groups assembled by cooperation partners from educational and sociocultural institutions will have an opportunity to slip into the role of curators and compose an exhibition themselves; in the Modern Collection area, the internationally esteemed jewellery artist Sam Tho Duong, who lives in Pforzheim, will be showcasing his own work in dialogue with pieces created by ten jewellery designer friends of his; the focus in the special exhibitions area will be on superlative jewellery creations made by the Wellendorff Manufactory.
All three themes revolve around genuine values, symbolic meaning, and feelings or longings. Pieces of jewellery may be regarded as luxury objects, but they owe their special aura to the ideas people associate with them. In collaboration with all those involved, the Jewellery Museum will be spotlighting what they cons
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