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Villa Berberich

Kulturhaus der Stadt Bad Säckingen
Bad Säckingen
Villa Berberich was built in 1874 by Ignaz Berberich who lived in Bad Säckingen. The founder of the ‘Weberei und Stoffdruckerei Berberich & Co.' (Weaving and Fabric Printing House) used the mansion as a family home. The city of Bad Säckingen purchased the villa in the 1930s and turned it into a hospital in 1940. The internal medicine department was housed there until the district hospital was opened in 1980. After a renovation, Villa Berberich has now become an arts and leisure centre.
Villa Berberich
Opening hours

Expositions of the
Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung,
Tourismus- und Kultur
der Stadt Bad Säckingen
WED, THUR, SUN, holidays 14.00-17.00

Expositions of the Art association
WED 18.00-20.00
SAT 14.00-17.00
SUN, holidays 10.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00
Villa Berberich
Parkstraße 1
Bad Säckingen
+49 7761 5683-0

47.558632, 7.941162