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A Wealth of Treasures

Antiquity • Celts • Kunstkammer

The Württemberg State Museum presents on 1,000 sqm a new exhibition space with three top-class collections and focuses on the historical roots of Europe.

Greek vases, delicate jewellery items, marble busts and colourful mummy portraits give a comprehensive insight into the world of the advanced civilizations of the Mediterranean region.

Rich early Celtic burials with masterpieces of bronze, iron, silver and gold bear witness to the impressive elite culture of the Iron Age. One of these is the unique Hochdorf “princely grave”.

Over the years, the collecting passion of the Dukes of Württemberg created a fascinating “treasure chamber” full of imaginative handcrafted articles of astounding virtuosity and amazing exotic treasures.
A Wealth of Treasures
A Wealth of Treasures
A Wealth of Treasures

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