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Self-playing pianos of the golden 1920s experienced anew
Eine Generation von bedeutenden Künstlern spielte Musik mittels spezieller Aufnahmeverfahren für selbstspielende Klaviere ein.
The golden 1920s were a time of upheaval and pleasure. Under the title "Magic Piano," the Museum of Music Automatons is devoting a special exhibition to the self-playing pianos of the time.
The catalogs of companies such as Welte, Hupfeld, Philipps, Aeolian and the American Piano Company read like a "Who's Who" of pianists, composers and conductors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A generation of then important artists recorded music using special recording techniques. However, many names - including those of female pianists - have been forgotten and await rediscovery in the museum's collection.

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