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King Ludwig I - Longing for the Palatinate

Plakat zur Ausstellung "König Ludwig I. – Sehnsucht Pfalz": Porträt Ludwigs vor einem roten Hintergrund, darunter seine Unterschrift und der Titel der Ausstellung
From September 17, 2023, the Historical Museum of the Palatinate will be showing the cultural-historical exhibition "King Ludwig I - Longing for the Palatinate", which will provide an insight into the life and work of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. The Bavarian monarch had close ties to the Palatinate throughout his life - as a patron of art, culture and business, he left his mark on numerous buildings and also built his summer residence here, the classicist Villa Ludwigshöhe in Edenkoben. And he also left his mark on Speyer: For Speyer Cathedral, he commissioned the construction of the western transept with the two front towers. In addition to a look at his public activities, the exhibition also provides a very private view of the king's life and exhibits poems and letters that Ludwig I wrote to his contemporaries or to his lover Lola Montez.
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