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Gabi Dziuba & Friends

»Kermit« ring, Gabi Dziuba, 2011, photo Winfried Reinhardt
On view in the year of Ornamenta 2024, the exhibition will be harkening back to Ornamenta I in 1989 because the then zeitgeist and the blurred boundaries between jewellery, design and art had a formative effect on Gabi Dziuba.

Curated by Cornelie Holzach, Vera Gliem, Elisabeth Heine and Stephan Strsembski in collaboration with Pforzheim Arts Association
Matches or tablet cartons, coins, beans or letters of the alphabet, cast in gold or silver and slightly modified – Gabi Dziuba uses anything as a source of inspiration for her jewellery. The results of her experiments with shapes and materials are rigorously inventive, refreshingly unconventional, austerely minimalistic, glamorously sparkling, and progressively modern. Friendships, such as with Günther Förg for example, have a fundamental influence on her artistic work. Hence, the exhibition will be showing not only Gabi Dziuba’s jewellery from all her creative periods, but also pieces developed in collaboration with artist friends of hers, as well as a representative selection of their works. It will be giving an impression of the entire spectrum of her oeuvre for the first time. Created over the course of her 40-year career, it testifies to her liberal approach to the interdisciplinary influences from the art, music and fashion worlds.
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