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Food & drink

Traveling through body and time
Foto des Museums Zeughaus C5 der Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen
The Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen is the first museum in Germany to dedicate a major exhibition to the topic of food and drink from a scientific and cultural-historical perspective. In this multifaceted compilation, displays, archaeological finds, anatomical models, cultural-historical evidence and interactive elements offer exciting insights into the history of nutrition and the ways in which food is used in our bodies. The exhibition "Food & Drink - Journeys through Body and Time" conveys interesting facts about a central topic of humanity in an exciting and interactive way and invites children and adults alike to join in and think further.
The exhibition is presented in two parts: In the Museum Weltkulturen, visitors experience an entertaining journey through the human body. In the Museum Zeughaus, the clocks are turned back thousands of years in a cultural-historical journey through time.
The experiential journeys through the body and time lead through a fascinating world of scientific facts, cultural-historical evidence and inspiring ideas that will continue to inspire reflection even after the museum visit.
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Museum Weltkulturen D5
(mehrere Standorte)
+49 6212 293 3771
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