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Luftansicht des Museumskomplexes, Foto: Jean Christen
Ausstellung "Ägypten - Land der Unsterblichkeit" im Museum Weltkulturen D5, Foto: Maria Schumann
Ausstellung "Versunkene Geschichte" im Museum Weltkulturen D5, Foto: Maria Schumann © rem
The Reiss-Engelhorm Museums (rem) are centres of cultural attention throughout Europe. Special exhibitions, such as “The Stauffer andItaly”, “Alexander the Great and the Opening of the World”, “Pompeii”, “Mummies of the World – the Dream of Eternal Life” or “Scull Cult” attract national as well as international interest. The “rem” presents cultural history in four locations, namely the “Museum Zeughaus”, “Museum Welkulturen”, “Museum Schillerhaus” and “Museum Bassermannhaus” with “Zephyr – Raum für Fotografie!” (Zephyr – Room for Photography).

The rem-headquarters is the early classicist armoury with its 6,000 square meters of floor space. Visitors can explore art and historical-cultural collections, historical theatre collections, find out about the history of the city and surrounding landscape of Mannheim and discover a collection of antiques as well as the new forum “International Photography”, which was founded in 2001.

An exciting contrast to the historical armoury is provided by the “Museum Weltkulturen” (Museum of World Cultures), located in a modern, light, cube-shaped building, which comprises the archaeological collections and special exhibitions at fixed intervals. The exhibition “MenschenZeit – Geschichten vom Aufbruch der frühen Menschen” (Human times – stories from the beginnings of humankind) explains the first archaeological period, the Stone Age. It invites visitors to explore the life and surroundings of humans in ancient times.

The Museum Schillerhaus portrays the life of Friedrich Schiller during his period inMannheim. It was there that he celebrated his first success as a dramatist.

The Museum Bassermannhaus hosts permanent and special exhibitions about music, art and world cultures. ZEPHYR – Room for Photography is located on the first floor of the museum.

© photos: Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen


Museum Weltkulturen D5
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+49 6212 293 3771
Opening hours
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Tuesday - Sunday: 11:00-18:00

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