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Between contempt and acceptance

Life on the edge in the Elz Valley from the 14th to the 19th century
"Von ursprünglicher Armut" (Kinderreiche arme Frau im Kindbett) / © akg images
Unmarried women with children, strumpets and executioners, or people who lived in poverty: they were all not considered equal members of society and were excluded and stigmatized to varying degrees. Exclusion varied by individual and changed over time. Nevertheless, the marginalized were indispensable to the majority society and a variety of relationships existed among them.
Together with the Heimat- und Landschaftspflegeverein Yach, the Elztalmuseum has spent the past three years researching numerous personal examples of people who lived on the margins of society because of their religion, profession, personal situation or sexual orientation. In modern exhibition displays, created in cooperation with the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt and the sculptor Markus Zimmermann, we present the circumstances of these people at two locations (Heimatmuseum Yach and Elztalmuseum Waldkirch).
The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive accompanying and museum educational program.
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