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Theater performance: Freedom! 1848: A European dream.

Theater Axensprung: Freiheit! 1848
Revolution 1848/49. A story of the struggle between liberation and oppression.
Back and forth: radical democrats rehearse the uprising. Liberal citizens want freedom, but are afraid of anarchy. Overburdened monarchs, torn between
torn between concessions and brutal counter-attacks - and in the middle of it all, the National Assembly, in which a constitution is hotly debated and fought over:
What should the German nation look like? With which freedoms for whom? Republic or constitutional monarchy? It seems a long time ago and yet it has more to do
than we think...

To mark the 175th anniversary of the revolution in 2023/24 and as a prelude to Offenburg's "Celebrate Culture!" festival weekend, the Salmen, together with the Offenburg Cultural Office, invites you to an exciting, entertaining evening of theater and music in the Salmen - Offenburg's place of revolution.

Advance booking: 15 €/erm. 9 €, plus fee in each case
Box office: 21 €/erm. 12,50 €
Advance ticket sales are available from the Offenburg Cultural Office at or from the Citizens' Office.
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On 19 July 2024

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