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Guided tour

"Bergmaennele, Pétrosaure & co" - a playful storytelling tour -
Lutin des mines
Lutin des mines
Who is this Bergmaennel character, and what does this Petrosaurus have to do with the history of oil in Northern Alsace?
With the help of the museum's two mediators, come and meet the mining goblins, well known to miners of the time, or the dragons of a completely different age. Will the gnome of the oil mines dare to show his face and reveal his secrets? Will the Petrosaurus tell you stories of the days when he used to fly over the area? Stories, tales and anecdotes will enliven this rather special guided tour...

Speakers: Pascale Roll-Schneider, museum cultural mediator and Véronique Schoenfelder, museum mediation assistant
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4 rue de l’Ecole
+33 3 88 80 91 08
Paid entry
Rate for holders of the Museums-PASS-Musées only.
On 29 October 2024
Tuesday: 15:00-16:30

48.936836, 7.827569

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