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The Seigneurie

Centre for the Interpretation of our Cultural Heritage
History and tradition
Heritage at your fingertips!

In the heart of the city of Andlau, discover "Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie". This Heritage Interpretation Centre is the ideal place to learn about the heritage of the Mont Saint-Odile region... Say "Archi Viti Arti"!

What is hidden in this beautiful building? The keys to understanding... Barr Bernstein's country, its villages as film scenery between vineyards and forests, its architecture (civil, fortified, religious), its viticulture, its craftsmen, the local historical characters...

More than a museum, the Ateliers take you behind the scenes of the origins of a territory... and a whole region! At the heart: the activity of men on stone, earth and wood, the know-how that has shaped our environment...

On three levels, explore 700m2 of interactive and fun exhibitions: here we touch the materials, test them, reproduce the craftsmen's gestures, admire the models!
It is a real lively and animated place... to play to learn! Solo, in a group, with family, friends, colleagues or neighbours. On weekends, just before a walk to the castle or a visit to the cellar. At the beginning of your stay in Alsace, for a first course...

Also discover our programs:

Youth Program: The Explorers! Workshops, stories.... For children who are curious by nature.

Adult Program : Heritage at your fingertips! Masterclass of craftsmen, conferences, afterworks tastings, exhibitions...
Family program: Discover while you play! Events for the whole family. Guided tours, concerts, Museum Night, European Heritage Days...

Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie: an immersive journey to better understand this generous and authentic piece of land at the foot of the vineyard!
Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie
Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie
Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie
Suitable for families
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The Seigneurie
Place de la Mairie
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