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Schloss Hallwyl

Cultural and Natural experience
Castles and gardens
Welcome to the Museum Aargau at Hallwyl Castle
It is only a short hop from the romantic moated castle to the nature reserve on Lake Hallwil. Combine history, culture and nature to create an exciting experience!

Travelling through time and space with the von Hallwyl family

Throughout its eight hundred-year history, the von Hallwyl dynasty, as part of the Argovian squirearchy, distinguished itself in a variety of ways: on confederate battlefields, at European courts, in science and politics, in trade and in the world of finance. On your tour of the castle premises you will discover medieval and post-medieval areas of life divided into 11 themes. By means of an audio guide, selected family members will tell you the stories of their lives.
However, the ordinary people, the farmers and subjects of the Lords of Hallwyl also have a voice.

A journey of discovery with the children's audio guide

Children have the opportunity to explore the castle all by themselves! A granddad and his granddaughter accompany them via earphones and relate exciting stories from past and present times.

Relaxation in the castle courtyard!
Enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the castle café or in the atmospheric courtyard and relive the experiences of the day.

Experience history in an original setting!
A varied programme comprising public guided tours, workshops, nature excursions and demonstrations of old crafts breathe new life into this original historical location. Select cultural events such as the open-air opera and cinema make the castle a popular meeting place.
Hallwyl Castle
Hallwyl Castle
Hallwyl Castle
Opening hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00-17:00
Schloss Hallwyl
Museum Aargau
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