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Römermuseum Güglingen

Römermuseum Güglingen
Römermuseum Güglingen
Römermuseum Güglingen
Since April 2008 the Roman Museum in Güglingen presents the rich Roman past of the Zabergäu area, an extension of the Neckar valley located between the ridges of the Stromberg and Heuchelberg hills. The museum's permanent exhibition contains more than 1500 exhibits on three floors.

The presentation's main focus lies on the partially spectacular archaeological discoveries and finds from the large civil settlement of Güglingen that has been excavated during the years 1999-2005. This Roman settlement served as a central marketplace and place of trade, situated along a road leading to Speyer why it functioned as an important link and nodal point between the Neckar and the Upper Rhine valley. What is specially numerous in the Güglingen settlement are the records of Roman religion and the adoration of various deities. Two temples for the god Mithras have been excavated of which one has been reconstructed close to reality in the museum.

Three accessible reconstructions are forming the core of the permanent exhibition, containing affectionately arranged details that make the Roman past come alive. The exhibits contained therein are being shown in their former context and thus they illustrate various different aspects of everyday life during the Roman period. The exposition is being supplemented by various models, sounds and a 3d animation.

Römermuseum Güglingen

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Ausstellungsplakat „Gunther Stilling – Antike. reloaded.“
Gunther Stilling – Antiquity Reloaded.

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