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Musée Historique de Mulhouse

History and tradition
Musée Historique
Musée Historique
The History Museum is located in the heart of the city of Mulhouse in the old city hall that was built in 1552. It is one of the richest museums in the region and shows a cross-section through the history of southern Alsace and the former free republic of Mulhouse. Mulhouse was a small independent Protestant republic, an associate of the Swiss Confederation. Not until 1798 did it elect to become part of France.

The History Museum was founded in 1858 and bears witness to this unique development. Its interiors and costumes grant insight into life in Mulhouse and the region. On the first floor is the former Council Chamber, which has retained much of its original décor. Thanks to the bequests of great Mulhouse familes, the Museum is able to display numerous artefacts that cast light on the life and social organisation of local inhabitants from the 16th up into the 18th century. Folk art is represented by the Sundgau room and the collection of puppets. On the ground floor of the museum the Décapole room is used for special events and temporary exhibitions.

Musée Historique de Mulhouse

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