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Musée de la Régence

History and tradition
Technique and industry
Musée de la Régence
Musée de la Régence
Musée de la Régence
The museum in the Palais de la Régence comprises three sections. The historical department hosts exhibits, which seem to come directly from a curiosity cabinet: a piece of meteorite praised by Jules Verne, which dates back to 1492 and which stirred the interest of the most famous scientists. The second department is dedicated to the history of mining. The collection showcases the hard working conditions at the mine. The third department is reserved for archaeological finds: traces of human beings from thousands of years ago.

Arts and Crafts
The collection invites visitors to travel back to the medieval times, French Revolution and the Empire: eastern-French ceramics, Alsatian tin, gold jewellery from the treasure of Trois-Epis and a unique collection of hunting and war weapons from the Alsatian nobility. The exhibition highlights the Alsatian way of life in the countryside.

Modern Art
The collection grants insight into important avant-garde trends of the early 20th century with works by Bonnard, Delaunay, Léger, Monet, Renoir, Rouault and others. The post-war era is represented by works by de Staël, Dubuffet, Hélion, Picasso, Soulages and abstract art by Hartung, Magnelli, Poliakoff and Vieira da Silva. Please call in advance to ensure that the collection of modern art is opened.

Musée de la Régence

6 place de l'Eglise
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