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Lobdengau-Museum der Stadt Ladenburg

Eingang Lobdengau-Museum Ladenburg über den Bischofshof
Ausgrabungen am Lobdengau-Museum Ladenburg
Römischer Garten im Lobdengau-Museum Ladenburg
Like the town of Ladenburg, this little castle also has a rich history. The residence of the Bishop of Worms was built on the site of a medieval royal court. The building stands on the ruins of the Roman metropolis LOPODUNUM and ties into the defensive wall of the medieval old town. The Renaissance and Mannerist periods gave the façade of the Bishop's Court an unusual appearance.

On four levels, the museum conveys the archaeology and history of the city and its former dominions. Some spectacular archaeological finds from the Roman fort and from LOPODUNUM, the main site of the CIVITAS ULPIA SUEBORUM NICRENSIUM, form a focal point. Special exhibitions present themes from the history of the city and contemporary art.

Lobdengau-Museum der Stadt Ladenburg

Amtshof 1
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Plakat St. Sebastian Ausstellung
Saint Sebastian - A chapel is rediscovered

With the Chapel of St. Sebastian, the former court chapel of the bishops of of Worms, Ladenburg has a very special jewel. In the cultural, architectural and sacral history of southwest Germany, the ...