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Lenzburg Castle, Museum Aargau

Castle of Knights and Dragons
History and tradition
Castles and gardens
One of the most beautiful castles in Switzerland is perched on a rock above the city which bears the same name. The current castle outline was constructed over a period of 900 years. The castle evolved from a count's residence to become the official seat of Bern's bailiffs before was turned into the private residence of rich American families. Visitors can immerse themselves in the 1,000-year-old history of the castle once they cross the drawbridge and enter the courtyard through the wooden gate. Here, history becomes alive in its original setting.

Come and peek behind the castle's walls. Enjoy the rooms of the residential museum during a tour. Silhouette films and audio plays grant insight into the everyday lives of the former inhabitants in the residential museum and the prison! You will hear about prisoners in the dungeon, the maids, and lives and business of the bailiffs. Two original cells and torture instruments testify to the conditions that prevailed in the 17th-century penal system. Come and experiment with stories in the history workshop and learn about the training of a knight. Or try and estimate the appropriate punishment in early post-medieval times at the scales of justice. Various thematic trails invite visitors to learn about the history (and stories) and backgrounds of selected bailiffs and crooks that used to govern or were imprisoned in the castle.

Fauchi and the dragon researcher: what does a dragon smell like? What is his personality like? What does dragon skin feel like? Little explorers can find playful answers to these and many more questions at the dragon research station. Who is brave enough to visit Fauchi, the castle's legendary dragon?

Be creative and play in the Children's Museum. Every child dreams of becoming a princess or knight in a castle – secret corners and hidden stairs invite them to explore the castle. Here, children are invited to do handicrafts, to play and to dress up to their heart's content.

Lenzburg Castle, Museum Aargau
Lenzburg Castle, Museum Aargau
Lenzburg Castle, Museum Aargau
Suitable for families
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1st April - 31st October:
Tue to Sun, holidays: 10 am - 5 pm

closed on the second Friday in July

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Lenzburg Castle, Museum Aargau
Museum Aargau
Schloss Lenzburg
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