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Château de Lunéville

Le château des Lumières
Château des Lumières
Château des Lumières
Château des Lumières
The castle of Lunéville is the largest castle in east France and a masterpiece of classical architecture. Visitors can enjoy two hectares of buildings with more than 21,000 square metres of space. The French garden and its park cover an area of 19 hectares in the city centre.

The castle was built from 1702 to 1723. The architect was Germain Boffrand. It was home to Leopold I. from 1698-1729, François III from 1729-1737, the regent Elisabeth-Charlotte of Orléans and Stanislaus Leszczynski from 1737-1766. In 1766 the duchy of Lorraine became part of France and the castle became home to further renowned cavalry regiments until the beginning of the 20th century.

After being almost destroyed in a fire on 2nd January 2003 the castle was restored and is now open for shows and events which complement its cultural and touristic development.

The Garden and Park with its forest

The park with its forest (Parc des Bosquets) was created true to scale to the Palais of the Duke of Lorraine, and its geometric beds impress with their monumental layout. Yves des Hours, who designed the park, developed the aestheticism of the so-called French gardens for Duke Leopold.

Stanislaus Leszczynski and his architect Emmanuel Héré created temporal constructions in the park which embodied the Rococo fantasies. Despite its destruction, the park with its forest, which were restored after the Second World War, were recognised as a cultural heritage in 1998.

Château de Lunéville

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