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Animal Adventures at the Linden Museum Stuttgart
Tiger-Marionette aus Myanmar
Kinder aktiv in der Ausstellung
Kinder in der Ausstellung
An exhibition with audio tour for children between 6 and 10 years with their families

"Fly with us! Fly with me!" calls Albi, the alpine swift that nests under the roof of the Linden Museum during the summer months. On your tour of the permanent exhibits, you'll meet the transparent kangaroo, hear about an extinct bird, meet Toko the octopus, and listen to conversation with Seraa the elephant. Whether in paintings or clothing, made of wood, ceramics and stone - the animals and their representations tell of the coexistence of humans and animals. This relationship is not always simple. On the one hand, many animals are admired, revered and valued as companions or pets and livestock, but on the other hand, their habitats are destroyed and they are hunted or driven away.

In the exhibition, illustrator Promina Shrestha brings the animals on the objects to life through her images. On the listening and stamping rally you will find out what the animals have to tell, solve riddles and collect stamps.

As part of the Taking Care project, co-funded by the EU's Creative Europe program.
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