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Place à Gutenberg ! Un monument de David d’Angers pour le vivre ensemble

An exhibition to find out all about the Gutenberg monument, erected in Strasbourg in 1840 to mark the 400th anniversary of the invention of printing. A major work by David d'Angers, one of the greatest French sculptors of the 19th century, this monument praises the benefits of printing throughout the world, in a spirit of humanism and friendship between peoples. Situated in the heart of the city, it is an essential part of Strasbourg's urban heritage and a call to live together.

Curator: Odile Lassère, Head Curator of the Musée Historique de la Ville de Strasbourg
Team: Sylviane Hatterer, Nicolas Heissat, Isabelle Bulle
Social anthropology research: Marie Durand, Institute of Ethnology, University of Strasbourg / Interdisciplinary Laboratory in Cultural Studies (LinCS)

This exhibition is part of the "Strasbourg, World Book Capital - UNESCO 2024" programme.
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