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Otto Piene

Paths to Paradise
Otto Piene, Inflation trial for OLYMPIC RAINBOW, 1972, St. Paul, MN, USA, August 1, 1972. © 2023/2024 Pro Litteris, Zurich; Otto Piene Estate photo: Jean Nelson, Otto Piene Archive
Otto Piene, Lichtraum mit Mönchengladbachwand, 1963–2013 Karton, Holz, Metall, Motor, Licht Masse variabel Otto Piene Estate, courtesy Sprüth Magers © 2024 ProLitteris, Zürich: Otto Piene Estate Foto: courtesy Sprüth Magers © Timo Ohler
Otto Piene (1928−2014) aimed high with his art: to shape a more harmonious, peaceful, and sustainable world. His expansive view explored new media and projected aesthetic forms and experiences into new spatial realms. Structured thematically, the monographic exhibition traces his utopian vision as expressed in works from his most significant series and projects in conversation with his lifelong practice of sketching.
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