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Mushroom palaces and bag towers

Building for tomorrow
Schubkarre mit Pilzen, Tüten und einem Becher.
Mushrooms in the wall instead of on the plate? No, this has nothing to do with mold, this is "building for tomorrow"! Beaches are disappearing, entire islands are sinking because we need the sand for building, for concrete and glass, for example. But other raw materials are also becoming increasingly scarce.

That's why we need clever and creative minds who grow new building materials or capture old ones, who experiment, invent, think outside the box and set no limits to their imagination. This is exactly what we invite our visitors to do: We want to go on a treasure hunt together in mountains of rubble, explore building materials from paper flakes to milk cartons and construct whatever we can. If you are imaginative, you might even find a work of art or two!

In the new exhibition at the Junge Kunsthalle, everyone is invited to explore how resource-conserving, sustainable construction can work by touching, building, puzzling and painting. Warmth from old jeans, walls made from cutting boards, building blocks made from mushrooms and much more awaits our audience not only on their own foray through the exhibition, but also in the diverse creative educational program.
Öffnungszeiten: Di-So 10-18:00 Uhr, Mo geschlossen, Pfingstmontag, 20.5., geöffnet
Adresse: Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe / Junge Kunsthalle, Hans-Thoma_straße 4, 76133 Karlsruhe
Information: 0721 20119 322,
Buchung und Beratung (für Gruppen und Schulklassen): 0721 20119 322,

Der Eintritt in die Junge Kunsthalle ist frei.
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