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Multiculturalism on the Upper Rhine

Romans, Germanic tribes and the graves of Diersheim
Spectacular finds from the first century AD of a burial site near Rheinau-Diersheim in the Ortenau raise the question of the identities of the buried individuals. Based on the objects that were found with or in the urns, several cultural influences are possible. Were they Romans, Teutons...? The exhibition asks the question how colorful the world was at the Upper Rhine under the influence of the Roman military and the motley army of soldiers and federated Germanic groups.

For the first time, several tomb complexes and the latest findings from the ongoing evaluation will be shown in an overview exhibition. The special exhibition, designed as a traveling exhibition, was conceived jointly by the Verein für Heimatgeschichte Diersheim 1991 e.V., the Museum im Ritterhaus /Offenburg and the Archäologisches Landesmuseum, Zentrales Fundarchiv Rastatt.

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