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Lost and Found Memories Office № 3: Repair

Foto: Fundbüro für Erinnerungen
The zipper is jammed, there’s a hole in the trousers, the ends of the rope are frayed: gear can break anywhere, even on the mountain. If something goes wrong with a piece of kit while we’re out and about, we need to get creative about patching it up or repurposing something else in order to continue the expedition or hike.

In the “Lost and Found Memories Office № 3: Repair” we are combing through the collection to look for patched and repaired objects, items that have been used repeatedly and ones that have been well cared for – and for the associated stories about maintenance rituals, creative repairs, mishaps, and emergencies in the mountains. We’re asking the general public for their life hacks and for everything they know about materials, and in return we’ll be providing a lively discussion about sustainability, consumption, and safety in mountaineering.
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