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A watchmaking history
Affiche LIP
Founded in 1867 by Emmanuel Lipmann, Lip is one of the companies that have shaped the destiny of the French watchmaking industry.
The MDT would like to explore Lip's power of attraction. Why is this emblematic company so fascinating? Why is it an icon? Because beyond the objective facts, figures and awards, Lip has left its mark on people's lives and on a city, through its successes and setbacks. Almost mythical, Lip's story is that of a witness to the century, that of French society.
"Lip.ology" is an evocation of this history through its different facets: chronology, genealogy, technology, mythology... It is also the desire to open up research into this history, in conjunction with the Université de Franche-Comté, the Besançon municipal archives and the Doubs departmental archives. Finally, for the Musée du Temps, it's an opportunity to explore the story and mythology of this company, which crystallized the aspirations of several generations and accompanied the technical, social and cultural changes of 20th-century France.
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