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À l'affût" exhibition - Photography by Vincent Munier

Panthere-des-neiges-Tibet ©Vincent Munier
A lover of the great outdoors and an extreme traveler, Vincent Munier has chosen photography as a tool to express his dreams, emotions and encounters. Inspired by the prints of Japanese painters and minimalist art, his work places animals at the heart of their environment. Species such as the snow leopard, the white wolf, the brown bear, the snowy owl and the musk ox are all part of this bestiary, which he continues to explore through committed, solo and autonomous expeditions.
The Saline Royale offers an inspiring visitor experience. Set off on an expedition from the Vosges to the far north. White wolf, snow leopard, polar bear... "on the lookout", in the photographer's skin, silently observe the animal and discreetly enter its world. This immersive photographic exhibition invites you to contemplate the beauty of nature in its wild state and the mystery of the animal world.
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