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Kosmos Klee. The Collection

Hamed Abdalla, Taamira, 1937, Aquarell auf Papier, 18 x 25 cm, Artist estate © Foto: Emmanuel Littot © Artist estate
A chronological overview of Klee's artistic work. Smaller focus exhibitions are also shown in one room.
The permanent exhibition Kosmos Klee. The Collection offers visitors a chronological survey of Klee’s artistic career and presents some seventy works as well as biographical material and items from the archive that are regularly changed. In this context of the new permanent exhibition we are devoting one FOKUS room to smaller exhibitions with a thematic reference to Paul Klee and his work.

Fokus: Hamed Abdalla (1917–1985)
For the first time in Switzerland, an exhibition is devoted to the Egyptien artist Hamed Abdalla (1917–1985), pioneer of modern Egyptian art, who lived in Europe from the 1950s. He engaged intensively with Paul Klee and experimented with various techniques, with Arabic calligraphy forming a central starting point. As an artist of the Hurufiyya movement, which developed new artistic possibilities out of the Arabic alphabet, he invented his own ‘creative words’ by combining abstraction and human forms.

Curators: Zamân Books & Curating: Morad Montazami, Madeleine de Colnet
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