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Insect mortality

Everything will be fine
Ein Nashornkäfer aus der Museumssammlung.
All scientific studies point in only one direction: the number of insects is declining at a rapid pace - even in Switzerland. In just 30 years, for example, almost three quarters of the biomass of flying insects has been lost in Germany. The reasons are habitat loss due to urban sprawl, intensive agriculture or even climate change. Is everything already lost? No, the special exhibition is encouraging.

It is no coincidence that the special exhibition "Insect Extinction - Everything Will Be All Right" has an almost provocatively optimistic subtitle. It is set in the year 2053 and shows how we could create a future in which the great catastrophe is averted. Instead of problems, it shows solutions, instead of raising the admonishing finger, it portrays inspiring people who are working on a better future - for us and for the insects.
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