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Hiva Oa, French Polynesia

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Auf einem Tisch liegen verschiedene Gegenstände. Im Hintergrund ist ein Strohhut zu sehen. Vor ihm liegt ein Etui aus Stroh. Daneben liegen zwei stabähnliche  Objekte aus dunklem Holz. Weitere Gegenstände liegen in Schachteln.
Various research projects are underway at the Museum der Kulturen Basel. From May 2024, work on these will be carried out regularly live in front of visitors in the Hedi Keller Hall. Employees from all departments, from researchers to restorers and logisticians, will move their workplaces into the museum and answer questions from the public. In this way, the museum not only provides an up-to-date picture of its work, but also makes it transparent to the public.

Between 27 June and 21 July, visitors will be able to follow the Hiva Oa project. 30 artefacts from Hiva Oa will be shown to the public in an exhibition on the Pacific island. Employees will be on site during opening hours, carrying out the work associated with this project and looking forward to interacting with the public.
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