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Fritz Bornstück - The hum of things

Gemälde von Fritz Bornstück, Titel: Satellite of Love
Keramik von Fritz Bornstück, Titel: Tuxedomoon and Antarctica
Gemälde von Fritz Bornstück, Titel: Dopplereffekt (Ex Pluribus Unum)
The artist Fritz Bornstück, who was born in Weilburg an der Lahn and lives in Berlin, gives nature back a piece of its former superiority in his paintings and ceramic sculptures. Plants sprout and birds chirp among urban wasteland and garbage. The scenes are often made up of many small parts. The numerous details of the everyday objects shown and the landscape each form a whole.
Between poetry and everyday junk, a larger whole is formed between individual paintings and ceramics. The result is an imaginary, vast landscape made up of individual, different places: clearings, vistas, interiors, pieces of forest and lake, details, individual things - an archipelago of images and objects.
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