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Cross and Crown

New presentation of the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate
Under the title "Cross and Crown", the newly designed Cathedral and Diocesan Museum will be on view at the Historical Museum of the Palatinate from 20 September. Visitors can look forward to impressive exhibits from 1500 years of church history as well as new rooms. The collection has moved from the new museum building, where it was located until August 2021, to the historic old building. The floor plan of the new exhibition space resembles a church building with several naves, a transept and a cloverleaf-like choir. Therefore, the old building is ideally suited for the presentation of sacred works of art.
Families and children can expect the staging of a cathedral construction site with interactive elements.
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Das Motiv zur Ausstellung zeigt die Grabkrone des salischen Kaisers Konrad II. Foto: Historisches Museum der Pfalz/Hans-Georg Merkel
Suitable for families

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