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The call for freedom

Revolution 1848/49 and today
Ölgemälde von Friedrich Kaiser vom Einzug der Freischärler in Lörrach im September 1848
Friedrich Kaiser, Einzug der Freischärler in Lörrach am 20. April 1848. Ölgemälde Sammlung DLM
Freedom affects everyone. In a large temporary exhibition, the Dreiländermuseum remembers the early Europe-wide freedom movement of 1848/49 and at the same time sensitizes people to the present and the future.
"Prosperity, education, freedom for all" - those demands were Gustav Struve's first proclamation of the "German Republic" in Lörrach on September 21, 1848. In France, the February Revolution had ignited the spark for all of Europe: in Switzerland, the Federal Constitution was created in 1848 as the basis of the modern federal state; in Germany, the democratic uprisings and the implementation of an imperial constitution failed. It remained a long road to the Basic Law in 1949 and German unity in 1989. In 1848/49, however, the call for freedom was particularly loud in the Grand Duchy of Baden with two neighboring republics.
175 years later, the commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights has lost none of its relevance. In times of globalization, digital revolution, worldwide conflicts and climate change, people are unsettled - and many are susceptible to authoritarian ideologies. Anyone who wants to live freely has to constantly stand up for freedom.
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