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Black Forest Love - Works by Otmar Alt

Altobella Furiosa - nach einem Entwurf von Otmar Alt
The Elztal Museum presents a chronological outline of the work of the artist Otmar Alt from the 1960s onwards.

The exhibition shows works from different periods of Otmar Alt's artistic work, who also designed the Altobella Furiosa concert organ. This artist's organ is located in the Elztal Museum and was created for the 200th anniversary of organ building in 1999. The artistic director was Otmar Alt, Hamm. The colorful and modern annual marble organ was built in a joint effort by the four Waldkirch organ building workshops at the time.

From Art Informel to puzzle shapes, blasting and the dissolution of the monochrome surface, he focused on the figure through to fairytale-like humanizations. Through spirituality and cityscapes, he finally discovered his love of the Black Forest.

The exhibition will not be on display from 21.10.2024 - 22.11.2024 (Christmas market at the Eltzalmuseum).
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