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Always on the move - 100 years of Pfadi Liestal

Ölbild eines jungen Pfadfinders des Liestaler Malers Otto Plattner
Fotografie junger Pfadfinder im Lager, in Schlafsäcken
In 2024, the Pfadi Liestal celebrates its centenary. Founded shortly after the First World War, the youth organization offered boys and girls from a wide range of social classes a meaningful leisure activity, taught young people to take responsibility and taught them to treat people and nature with respect. Today, it is impossible to imagine the Stedtli without the Pfadi Liestal - among other things, it has set up its headquarters in the 'Törli', the landmark of Liestal.
The exhibition 'Allzeit unterwegs' in the Dichter:innen- und Stadtmuseum Liestal goes on a search for traces through the long and varied history of the Pfadi Liestal. In a surprising and interactive way, the public discovers what stories are told around the campfire, what the scout names are all about - and in the process, casually learns about the most important knots or how to measure distances. For children, there is a special children's trail for playful discovery.
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