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Dichter:innen- und Stadtmuseum Liestal

Dichter- und Stadtmuseum
Dichter- und Stadtmuseum
Dichter- und Stadtmuseum
The museum of poets and local history in the heart of the old town ofLiestalinvites guests to get to know poets and artists of the region in the three-storey house. Permanent exhibitions offer various details about Liestal's history and traditions.

The museum exhibits objects and works of Georg and Emma Herwegh's heritage as well as documents, souvenirs and furniture of Josef Viktor Widmann and Carl Spitteler.

The development of the town at the river Ergolz is documented from the first wood engraving dating back to 1548 to latest satellite pictures. Furthermore the exhibition showcases items from Roman and medieval times, documents of dependent areas (Untertanenland) and the separation ofBaselCity, weapons, flags and pictures of the past 150 years. Four display cases are dedicated to Liestal's customs, namely Chienbäse, Fasnacht, Banntag, Auffahrtsweggen, Maientanz and Santichlaus-Ylütte. The Liestal-based artist Otto Plattner is represented with a selection of his works.

Dichter:innen- und Stadtmuseum Liestal

Rathausstrasse 30
+41 61 923 70 15
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Tuesday - Friday: 9:00-18:00
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