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With ALL Senses. A journey through the art of the early modern period

Digital leadership
Gerrit van Honthorst oder Werkstatt, Das Konzert, nach 1624 © GDKE, Landesmuseum Mainz, Foto: U. Rudischer
Boelema de Stomme, Maerten (zugeschrieben), Stillleben, um 1640 © GDKE, Landesmuseum Mainz, Foto: U. Rudischer
Höchster Porzellan, Das Gehör, Porzellan, farbig staffiert, 1750-53 © GDKE, Landesmuseum Mainz, Foto: U. Rudischer
Musical figures, tasty fruits or the haptics of surfaces - works of art not only appeal to our sense of sight.
How are the five senses addressed in early modern art? And how do objects, paintings, and sculptures manage to stimulate us beyond sight?
A group of art history students (JGU) will take you on an exciting digital guided tour in which you will experience art with all your senses using selected objects from the Mainz Cathedral and Diocesan Museum and State Museum.
Please note: A smartphone is required to access the tour content.
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