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The Rhine - A river shapes the city

Guided tour of the Museum of City History with Dr. Helmut Saurer, geographer
Landkarte der Rheinauen bei Neuenburg und Bantzenheim, um ca. 1625
Life in Neuchâtel has always been shaped by its close proximity to the Rhine.
Whether as a transportation route and trade route, as a supplier of food and energy, as a border river or a connecting element of an entire region - the tour will focus on the Rhine and its influences on Neuchâtel.

On the one hand, the Rhine as a natural river with its habitats and its dynamics, with low water and high water and the resulting dangers will be discussed. On the other hand, the transformation by man and the resulting possibilities of use will be addressed during the museum tour, as well as its role as a border river in the European power structure.

Start: 15.00 hrs
Duration: approx. 45 minutes.
Location: Museum of City History, Franziskanerplatz 4
Registration is not required.
The tour is free of charge, admission to the museum is 2 euros.

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Franziskanerplatz 4
Neuenburg am Rhein
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On 27 October 2024

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