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Public guided tour. Pauline Julier

Pauline Julier (*1981), making of von A Million-Year Picnic, 2024 Videoinstallation, Sound, Loop, variable Länge  Mit Genehmigung der Künstlerin © Pauline Julier Foto: Margot Sparkes
The exhibition by artist and filmmaker Pauline Julier (*1981, Geneva) is an intergalactic tour. It takes us through the geological ages of the earth and into space. We visit a 300-million-year-old forest in China as well as a mountain range on Mars. Past, present and future dissolve until we lose our bearings. But the confusion is intentional and challenges us: How far is humanity prepared to go in exploiting the resources of the earth and other planets? How can we remain creative and optimistic in the face of climate change?

Pauline Julier questions the relationship between humans and the environment: in this "single universe", all living beings are connected to each other. In immersive video installations, the artist combines scientific findings with rituals and myths. Between documentary and fiction, she invites us to share a glimpse with the world, not at it.

Tour of the exhibition with art historians Brigitte Haas, Ursula Meier and Astrid Näff

Admission + CHF 5.00

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Nicolas Faure (*1949), Der Aleschgletscher, 1989 Aargauer Kunsthaus Mit Genehmigung des Künstlers © Nicolas Faure und Fotostiftung Schweiz
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Hugo Suter, Steg zum Rembrandtgrund, 1985 Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau © Nachlass Hugo Suter
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Pauline Julier (*1981), Follow the Water, 2023 Mit Genehmigung der Künstlerin © Pauline Julier, Clément Postec
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Max Matter (*1941), Schloss Chillon, 1968 Aargauer Kunsthaus / Schenkung aus dem Nachlass Robert Beeli Mit Genehmigung des Künstlers © Max Matter Foto:

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Victoria Holdt (*1992), Muscle Memory (Detail), 2023  Mit Genehmigung der Künstlerin © Victoria Holdt Foto: Nicolas Sarmiento
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