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Guided tour: The history of the Jewish community in Offenburg on 1.9.2024

Der Salmen Offenburg © Jigal Fichtner
The Salmen is a contemporary witness and cultural monument of national importance. Not only was it the site of the proclamation of the first German bill of rights on September 12, 1847; it also served as a synagogue for Offenburg's Jewish community from 1875 - until it was desecrated by National Socialists on November 10, 1938. The permanent exhibition in the Salmen focuses on Offenburg's Jewish history - from the 19th century, when the Jewish faith was part of the city's society, to the present day.
society, right up to the terrible crimes committed during the Holocaust. In this guided tour through our permanent exhibition, you will focus in particular on Offenburg's Jewish history.
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On 01 September 2024

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Die Dinge beim Namen nennen © Or-Ex
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Der Salmen Offenburg © Dimitri Dell
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