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Charity concert with young talents from Basel in aid of girls and women in Chad

Foto Corridors of Peace, Dornach
Sunday, November 17, 2024, 11 a.m.
Large refectory

Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert and György Kurtág

Collection in aid of the "Corridors of Peace" project for girls and women in Chad, Dornach

The Museum Kleines Klingental organizes an annual charity concert in collaboration with the musicians Susanne Mathé and Vincent Providoli. The 2024 concert will be held in aid of the "Vocational Training for Female Victims of War" project for girls and women in Chad by the "Corridors of Peace" foundation (Dornach). The north-east of Chad is shaken after years of violent conflict: Most women and girls are widowed and impoverished. As illiterate women with no education, they have no chance of earning a living. As part of the "Corridors of Peace" project, they are supported so that they can provide for themselves and earn money. They are also encouraged to pass on the knowledge and skills they have acquired to future generations.
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On 17 November 2024

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