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750 years of Klingental Convent - Chants of the Dominican nuns from Klingental Convent

Basel composes
Nonnen im Klingental
Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 7:30 p.m.
Large refectory

Concert with the Stella Maris ensemble under the direction of Tetyana Polt-Lutsenko

The origins of Basel's musical history can be found in the remains of choral manuscripts from the city's convents. At the time when the Klingental Dominican convent was founded, the term "composing" did not yet have the meaning it has today. It was believed that the texts and melodies of the chorales were given to Pope Gregory the Great by revelation. What exactly were the nuns singing in Klingental Abbey around 1480? Tetyana Polt and her ensemble will bring the music of the celebrations in the convent church back to life.

Chorales of the Dominican nuns of Klingental Convent (reconstructed on the basis of fragments preserved in the Basel-Stadt State Archives)

Price: CHF 20.- / 15.-, box office
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On 19 June 2024

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