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Schloss Wildegg

Baroque castle and garden experience
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Wildegg Castle, Museum Aargau
Wildegg Castle, Museum Aargau
Wildegg Castle, Museum Aargau
Welcome to the Museum Aargau at Wildegg Castle
Surrounded today by gardens, pastures and vineyards, the castle was founded by the Habsburgs in the first half of the 13 century. Along with its domain the castle was owned by eleven generations of the Effinger dynasty. Immerse yourself in an authentic experience of historical gardening culture and comfortable living.

The Effinger dynasty and its castle
Between 1483 and 1912 Wildegg Castle was the seat of the Effinger dynasty. The family was part of the landed gentry and had been admitted to the Bernese patriciate. During this time the castle and its outbuildings were repeatedly adapted to suit the changing requirements. The prestige of the dynasty was illustrated by the spoils of war that Bernhard Effinger brought back in 1683 from fighting the Turks outside Vienna, and by Holderbank Church which contains the family vault. An audio guide introduces selected members of the family and tells their life stories.

Tasteful living
If you are interested in how upper-class people lived in previous centuries, you have come to the right place: 37 residential and working rooms contain the original furnishings and show the high living standards and exquisite taste of the Effinger dynasty. You will find the crème de la crème in furniture, paintings, stoves, painted wall paper, clocks, lamps, porcelain and weapons from various periods.

Oasis of comfort
Four buildings surround the castle courtyard: the actual castle, the castle barn with ist opportunities for children and young people to play games, the Erlach House with the café and the villa country house complex with the new visitor centre. A large terrace with old linden trees extends below the castle complex and offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area.

Kitchen and pleasure gardens
It was a characteristic feature of the 18th century way of life to combine the functional and the beautiful. The beautiful gardens and the romantic pavilions not only served as a source of vegetables but also as a place of relaxation for the Effinger family and their guests. Today, the gardens change with each season and invite visitors to stroll about, enjoy the fragrances and marvel at the beauty of nature.

The castle domain
Along with Castle Wildegg the Effinger dynasty in 1483 also acquired extensive lands and rights described as the castle domain. Over the centuries the size and character of these holdings changed constantly by being purchased and sold as well as converted. Today the castle domain includes an area of almost 100 hectares, 37 buildings, gardens, an organic farm, vines, forests and fishing rights.

Schloss Wildegg

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