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Schloss Landshut

Swiss Museum of WIldlife and Hunting
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Landshut Castle and Swiss Museum of WIldlife and Hunting
Historic rooms at Landshut Castle
Swiss Museum of WIldlife and Hunting - Landshut Castle
Being the only moated castle in the Swiss canton of Bern, even today it captures heart, eye and mind of the visitor. The base design, formed by the moat and the defensive wall with tower and oriel, goes back to medieval times and served as protection from enemies and floods. The present main building, the former Bailiff's castle, is nearly in its quadricentennial and imposes itself as a stately ruler's mansion with an overarching stair tower. In just two hundred years, as the castle was made into a summer residence, the area surrounding the garden terrace and pavilion on the water was supplemented by a Bernese owner, who planted the trees and created the gorgeous park, as we see it today.

In the former living quarters, tastefully furnished rooms from the 17th century can be seen. Elegantly cut wood panelling and furniture, master works of cabinetry and carpentry, a room decorated with leather and bold paintings give an impression of the life of that time.

The Swiss Museum of Wildlife and Hunting is accommodated in the former grain houses. That is next to the permanent exhibition about our living animal world, with regular special presentations, which revolve around current questions about the protection of the wildlife and hunting. Unique and on league with the rest of Europe is the collection of historic hunting weapons and musical instruments used in hunting.
In an adjacent building to the castle, the Swiss Library of Hunting is welcoming the visitor with its 8'000 books on the topics of hunting, wildlife and biology.

Schloss Landshut

Schlossstrasse 17
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Open from Mother's Day (2nd sunday in May) until mid-October.
Closed every Whit Monday, 1st of August (Swiss National Day) and Federal Day of Prayer.

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