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Riedmuseum Ottersdorf

Riedmuseum Ottersdorf
Riedmuseum Ottersdorf
Riedmuseum Ottersdorf
The Riedmuseum is Rastatt's contribution to the PAMINA-Rhinepark, which is a transnational project, a museum road with eight museums, an environmental centre and numerous information points at the roadside. The centre of Ottersdorf, where the museum is located, is home to an open air museum that comprises a house with an oil mill, stables and a park.

The oil mill displays various tools that show the processes of cleaning, grinding and pressing oilseeds. In the barn a model with running water demonstrates the changing courses of the Rhine from times past, and further exhibits showcase the living conditions of the people who depended on the Rhine. Johann Gottfried Tulla (1770-1828) implemented the correction of the Rhine correction which brought with it many advantages such as fewer floods and a new places for settlers, but also disadvantages such as the destruction of the former river meadows.

A highlight of the Riedmuseum is the schokker “Heini”, which was constructed in 1932 in the Netherlands for eel-fishing and was used between 1956 and 1991 in theUpper Rhineregion. The museum ship “Heini” now serves as fine example for the history of fishing and is located in the Rhinetributary near Wintersdorf.

Pictures: Stadtmuseum Rastatt

Riedmuseum Ottersdorf

Am Kirchplatz 6
+49 7222 972 84 00/01 (Stadtmuseum Rastatt) oder +49 7222 25 509 (PAMINA Rheinparkzentrale vor Ort)
Opening hours
Friday - Sunday: 14:00-18:00

48.86048, 8.15417

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