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Museum beim Markt

Museum beim Markt
At a central location only a few steps away from Karlsruhe‘s market square, you will find the Museum beim Markt, a branch of the Badisches Landesmuseum that is dedicated to the applied arts since 1900. Outstanding works by leading artists, artisans, and designers are displayed on some 1600 square meters, creating a bridge from the early 20th century into the present day.
The historical overview begins with one of Germany‘s most impressive collections of art nouveau, showing the regional varieties that occurred in this style from Paris to Vienna. The post-World War I years are illustrated by both the elaborate luxury goods of French art deco and by the socially conscious designs that arose from Bau­haus and similar movements. From there, the developments in the history of design can be traced to the lifestyle objects of postmodernism. The art of the Russian Revolution is another period of special emphasis.

Museum beim Markt

Karl-Friedrich-Straße 6
+49 721 92 66 578
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Saturday - Sunday: 11:00-17:00

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