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Musée Zoologique de Strasbourg

Nature and environment
Centrally located in Strasbourg's University campus, this museum was built in the 18th century with elements from Jean Hermann's Gallery of Natural History. Frequently expanded, the collection is currently one of France's richest. A tour of its vast galleries allows the imagination to soar as the naturalist exalts and children are filled with wonder. First you'll discover the fascinating worlds of the Arctic, the Antarctic or the Andes, then further on different places spring forth as we encounter a myriad of birds, insects, turtles, lizards, starfish, kangaroos...all offering a rich and colorful panorama of the diversity of the animal kingdom.

In addition to its job of preserving this natural cultural heritage, the museum is also a place where scientists from around the world can come and consult specimens, notably referential specimens or types.

Img. 1: Pelagia Noctiluca. Musées de Strasbourg.
Musée Zoologique
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Musée Zoologique de Strasbourg
29 boulevard de la Victoire
+33 3 68 98 50 00

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